General Information

Single and twin rooms
Average distance to CEL: 45 minutes by public transportation
Full board (19 meals/week)

Ever wonder what it’s like to grow up in California? Well here’s your chance to find out. Students that are part of the summer program are matched with carefully selected American host families who gladly offer their homes to students to stay while they are studying. Their home will be your home away from home. We believe that staying at a homestay with an American family is the best way to connect with the language and to engage in American cultures and lifestyles.

Each family has been pre-screened and carefully selected based on its comfort, cleanliness and convenient location. Many of our students develop a life-long relationship with their host families and sometimes even return to stay with them when they come back to San Diego.

All students in the summer program are provided with full board, which means they would not need to worry about where to get meals since they are provided by either the school or the host families. We understand that some students have special needs and we will do our best to match students with families that fit their needs. Because of that we provide a wide range of families.

Premium families

We offer Premium Host families that are closer to the school with less commute time (less than 35 mins to school with a nonstop bus connection). These Premium Host Families are easy to travel from to school, which means you will have more time to explore San Diego without being stuck in a long bus ride!

Shuttle service

We also offer other families that offer shuttle services. The host family will drop you off at the school in the morning and pick you up in the afternoon from the school again, or wherever in San Diego you finish activities.

Students can also select to be placed in a single room to have more privacy. Please remember that families who offer shuttle families, premium host families and single rooms are very limited, so please try to book in advance! Please let us know of any needs you may require us to consider and we’ll do our best to find the right home for you.


Single and twin rooms
Twin room can be booked by one person. Students will be sharing the room with a different person (same gender)
Most families offer free Wi-Fi
Breakfast and dinner at host family
Lunch is provided at school (Monday – Friday)


Different parts of San Diego
Average distance to CEL: 45 minutes by public transportation
Maximum distance to CEL: 60 minutes by public transportation
Premium host families (surcharge): maximum distance to CEL: 35 minutes by public transportation (only one bus connection guaranteed)


Linens and towels provided
Laundry can be done at most homestays

Arrival and departure

Check-in: before 22:00
No security deposit required

Airport Transfer

Arriving in California is easy. When you arrive, we can set up an airport pick up from San Diego Airport (SAN) or the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) for you, which will then take you to your host family, stress free. Our drivers will be there at the airport waiting for you with a sign with your name. So come find us and start your California Adventure.

Time flies when you’re having fun, and sooner than you know it your course with us will be over. When you depart, we can also set up another pick for you from your host family and take you to the airports in San Diego, or Los Angeles, hassle free.